Sometimes, people can be extraordinarily judgmental and closed-minded to anyone different or special…it’s so hard for young people in this day and age to be comfortable enough in their own skin to not listen to the people picking on them.

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I can’t decide on who to give away to, so i’m going to give it away at random. Anyone has the chance to win my url since it’s a highly desired one and I feel bad about being biased. I’m going to choose the new owner of this url 1 week from today (July…




honestly sometimes in school people say the most ridiculous shit and I make this face and look somewhere at an imaginary camera like I’m on The Office

My school has security cameras in every classroom and I’ve done this at least 3 times each class this entire year. Today the security guard came up to me and told me I was his hero. 


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*catfishes someone just so i can meet nev and max*

Lemme see you put your hearts up!

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Ariana Grande’s Belieber Moments

@LizGilliesTrying desperately to figure out the material of Justin Bieber’s clothes

@ArianaGrande: @LizGillies 10% cotton 90% swag

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