The Shrine Auditorium: FOX’s Teen Choice Awards

Big Sean said he and ari were a good couple? I read your last answer..

Yes, when they were performing together. 

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I feel like ari and big Sean would make a weird couple.. Like it grosses me out. She's so gorgeous and idk he's a cheater and he doesn't seem right for her -.-

Wait he cheated on Naya? Idk, I honestly reckon they’re cute. 

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I: By the way, speaking of signs, what sign are you most compatible with?
A: It says Im most compatible with Pisces
I: Is Big Sean a Pisces?

“64,000” — That’s how many black women are currently missing in America — but the media doesn’t seem to care  (via thiccthot)

I feel like some of the most important years of my life been captured in this album and some of my most important experiences like relationship-wise…A lot about boys a lot about lovea lot about romance. So many things i’ve learned i’ll remember when i listen back to these songs. It’s such a special thing for me.

Is Ari really dating Big Sean?

I’m pretty sure they’re dating. They’ve been caught holding hands and none of them have denied the dating rumors and big sean said something about them being a good couple, so.